Mobile Dreams (Bilzen, BE)



3Troubadours presents «Mobile Dreams»

A poetic, funny and warm storytelling performance about the everlasting human search for truth and connection, freedom and beauty.

In a playful stream of four languages (English, Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch) the three performers behind «Mobile Dreams» tell a string of tales both mythical and personal, all connected by the language of dreams.

The show is part of the programme of Alden Biesen International Storytelling Festival.

«A lovely mix of different languages, dreams and emotions»
– Johan Theodorsson, Stockholm

«It’s always good to experience when artists are able to combine humour and seriousness, light and darkness and dare to show vulnerability»
– Mette Møller Eriksen, Oslo

«3Troubadours are original, engaging, funny, poignant & moving with a fresh way of combining their unique renditions with improvisation, song, native language…A must see.»
Julia Hope Brightwell, Sidmouth

«3Troubadours are able to speak of their dreams and cares, of death, of life; buckets of blood wisdom found here; all was male vulnerability and male strength, strong medicine, and good hearts.»
Nina Murden, Newhaven

– Mira Smuleh, Finnskogen

3Troubadours – Mobile Dreams from 3 Troubadours on Vimeo.

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