Nylig fikk jeg støtte fra Norsk Filminstitutt til å utvikle et DKS-opplegg basert på spillet Brageskålen. Brageskålen er et dataspill av typen… [--->]

Brageskålen Brageskålen

A warrior without arrows

An old Persian story by Ubayd Zabini in English and Farsi. With Amir Mirzai.… [--->]

A warrior without arrows A warrior without arrows

Brittle One Book Two

Brittle one is an intuitive online fantasy novel. Recently I started writing the second book in the series.… [--->]

Brittle One Book Two Brittle One Book Two

løverknekten (The Jack of Clubs) alias Torgrim Mellum Stene is an international performance storyteller. Torgrim is a modern bard, a wordsmith working both with mythical, personal and historical material in his performances.

Torgrim has been story jamming with improv musicians in South Africa, done multilingual performances in Tajikistan and spellbound audiences across the globe with his filmatic and vivid stories.

Here, on these pages, you can read about the performances he’s made, other offers (workshops etc.) or become pleasantly lost in a constantly growing wilderness of interesting stories and hidden details.

Others about Torgrim:

Without any special effects, only by the force of his voice and his masterful presence, Torgrim Mellum Stene delivers a piece of unparallelled storytelling in a magical and almost fairy tale-like frame – Grannar

Spellbound audience – Dagbladet Roskilde

At the Slottsfjell Festival I saw a performance that has stuck with me for weeks. The unknown – for me – performance storyteller Torgrim Mellum Stene. He posed, he strutted, he spun stories, did parodies… and I don’t know what. All of it happened in a riveting tempo, loaded with buckets of meaning, even though I almost suspect that he made all of those bubbling stories up right then and there, right before our noses… – The Literary Magazine KULT (Geir Aarum)

He is one of my definitive favourite storytellers. He has his own style and he has a fantastically funny way of telling. He’s also an incredible improviser. – Storyteller Per Helge Sørensen (DK) in an interview with Aftenposten

Torgrim is a unique and most generous storyteller. He has a certain access to that place where the source of all important stories are. And he doesn’t lack neither courage nor improvisational skill on the hero’s journey it is to tell the tales that truly challenge, burn and give light. There’s a resounding voice in that man – on all levels. Just listen. – Katrine Faber, historiefortæller, skuespiller og sanger (DK)

Torgrim is improvising with the stories, with his thoughts, his feelings and his dreams. He has a very personal way of telling. As a result the audience enjoys his storytelling performances with the strong images and the deep emotional atmosphere.

Also Torgrim manages not to lose his humour even in the dark parts of the story and to follow the story with nice and suitable movements in order to transfer the story ever more and to communicate with the audience. – Sylvia Venizelea, Mythos (Centre for the Dissemination of Myths and Folktales) (GR)