Words – festival in Denmark


From the 17th to the 20th of May a new international storytelling festival sees the light of day in Denmark. The festival, going by the name of Words, will be held at Kronborg Castle. The castle is in Elsinore, where Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, once gallivanted about, trying to play detective and deal (poorly) with his love life. According to legend, that is.

I am one of four international performance storytellers having been invited to perform together with a plethora of Danes. The performances will be held in all nooks and crannies of the castle, keeping in mind that said nooks and crannies have names like The chamber of Eric of Pomerania, The chamber of Axel Gyldenstierne and the Small Hall (All places where I will perform). I have three main performances during the festival:

I have a close relationship to Denmark and have been performing and held workshops here several times, e.g. at the very last Lejre festival two years ago (article from the newspaper Roskilde Dagblad here).

Words is a completely new festival and has been put together by Kasper Sørensen and André Andersen in the storytelling group BestTellers.



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