Kasper Skaarup Sørensen is an old friend and storytelling colleague from Denmark. We first met in Stockholm in 2007 at the start-up of The Nordic Storytelling Group. As part of that cooperation, we initiated and organised the storytelling competition StorySlam on a Nordic level from 2008 – 2011.

Kasper runs the storytelling scene/company BestTellers in Copenhagen as well as the storytelling festival WORDS in Elsinore together with André Andersen.

His new project is Fortæ, a website which is a digital resource for students and teachers in basic school. Members can view and enjoy a great number of stories told by storytellers from Denmark and other countries, all of them related to Danish teaching plans.

I am the Norwegian alibi of the webpage and I told 14 stories for a friendly camera when I popped by Copenhagen and BestTellers late September this year. The website was launched this November, and though you need to be a member to see the films, I can share a couple of tasters here.

I had just told this story in German (in Italy!) – more on this you can read here. So this is me directly translating from German to Norwegian:

Here I’m challenged to tell one of the most classical Norwegian folk tales ever, one I’ve never told myself – The three billy goats Gruff. This is pure free style:

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