Krig, Minner, Håp


The houses on their way to becoming incorporated in the open air museum. Photo taken 8th of April this year.

Today, the 10th of May, The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History are opening three new houses in their open air museum at Bygdøy, Oslo.

The houses in question – an apartment building, an outdoors toilet and a cow shed are all from the northern county of Finnmark and the museum wants to convey this county’s history from WWII. War, flight and rebuilding. War, Memories, Hope.

War, Memories, Hope is also the name of a performance for schools at the museum the first week of June. Performers in this show are, in addition to myself; Synne Imeland, Ingvild Mæhle Skjøtskift, Jeaninne Masika Lukusa, Jon Sigve Skard and Sarakka Gaup.

I am also part of the program Scorched Earth Sunday the 12th of May. This will be the official opening of the Finnmark houses and I will tell my excerpt from War, Memories, Hope as a part of the performance Stories of Flight. Here I am proud to share the stage with Marion Palmer, Simone Grøtte and Jomaa Nazari.

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