Zwolle Unlimited: Bittersweet


Torgrim (The Tower), Tom (The Fool) & Markus (The Wanderer)

From the 31st of May until the 2nd of June Zwolle Unlimited will fill the streets of its namesake city, including performers within the fields of music, street theatre and storytelling. And with regards to that last category, I enter the picture this year.

I will travel to the Dutch medieval city together with my brothers and colleagues in the trio 3Troubadours, those being Tom van Outryve from Belgium and Markus Luukkonen from Finland. Together we will perform our new show ROOTS.

I will also do a solo show – Song of the Sea Raven, a performance I have shown in Greece, Italy, Denmark and more. I made the performance back in 2011 – it is a conglomerate of legends from the North of Norway about the island Utrøst, the Norwegian version of Atlantis. These stories, as well as the stories of ROOTS, fit well together with the theme of this year’s festival – Bittersweet.

There are also storytelling tours, city walks with different performers. I participate under the headline Wisdom & Beauty.

For more information, check out the festival webpage.

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