A dystopian classic comes to life! And I have the honour of directing the performance. From the 30th of July to the 3rd of August Musikteater Unna will play Kallocain in Hide Kulturbrott on Gotland.

Johan Theodorsson is script writer and solo actor/storyteller, breathing life into the protagonist of the tale, the tormented Leo Kall.

Anders Peev, composer, musician and Johan’s collaborator for the last ten years joins the team on the musical side together with percussionist Lea Larsson. And then there’s me in the director’s chair.

Karin Boye (1900 - 1941)


Kallocain is one of the great dystopian classics, rivalling Brave New World and 1984. The novel is written by the Swedish author Karin Boye in 1940; the year before her death; and describes a society where the World State is completely dominant and individual freedom is non-existent.

The protagonist Leo Kall has developed Kallocain, a truth serum that will uncover thought crimes and ensure that the State will finally breach the last privacy barrier and control all aspects of human life. But during the process of research and testing Leo is troubled by doubts and yearnings he can not name, a strange admixture of passionate longing and abject fear of his wife Linda and dreams that haunt him at night.

The Kallocain works better than anyone would dare to predict, so well that the innermost core of the test subjects, their true selves, are revealed. Leo himself notices that the confessions of the guinea pigs start connecting him more and more to something unknown and lost deep within him. The longing to create a new world of safety and connection.

Kallocain is a masterpiece. I look forward to helping Musikteater Unna with interpreting, conveying and actualizing Karin Boye’s timeless creation in a converted chalk stone quarry on the island of Gotland this summer.

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