Hero this Fall


So You Want To Be A Hero?, the performance based on my life and the computer game series Quest for Glory has recently been played at Vega Scene in Oslo. But that’s not the last chance – this fall and in the early budding sprouts of 2020 you can see the show four other places somewhere in the Nordic countries.
1) Skellefteå Storytelling Festival
Where? In the Swedish Northern Wastes
Thursday 17th of October
Tickets? 100 SEK (paid on site)
Link? Sure!
2) Fana Folkehøgskule
Where? Bergen on the Norwegian West Coast
Monday 28th of October
Tickets? Closed Event.
Link? Read about the school here!
3) Samova Festival
Where? The Pearl of the Baltic Sea AKA Helsinki
Sunday 2nd of November (FIRST TIME IN ENGLISH!)
Tickets? This way!
Link? And that way!
 4) House of Literature in Trondheim
Where? Where the Northern Pilgrimages end
Thursday 23rd of January
Tickets? Yes. Buy them in Trondheim!
Link? Organised by Midtnorsk Fortellerforum

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