Christmas Fantasy[:]


2020, eh? What a year. A year of challenges and adaptivity. This autumn I was contacted by Folkeakademiet Kultursjov concerning my participation at a choir concert in December titled Julehistorier (Christmas Stories). As a part of the project I was supposed to work with children to integrate them as a storytelling element in the concert.

Due to restrictions this was transformed into a physical workshop titled Christmas Fantasy. I was supposed to work with a small group of kids and together create a new Christmas tale to be presented in a small performance. Of course, that also turned out to be difficult.

Finally, we ended up with the following solution: Children would send me their own ideas and proposals about what could happen in this new Christmas tale and I would patch it all together into a new story. The concept was presented in this video (in Norwegian):

Eight children sent in proposals and it was pure joy to combine all the elements into a new tale. The result, also known as The last Salarin, was filmed by Lars-Petter Iversen and can be viewed in its entirety here:

The project was a collaboration with Deichman Holmlia and was supported by Oslo Musikkforum, Frifond and Folkeakademiet.

Finally, here are some of the pictures the children sent me:

Merry Xmas!

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