Brittle One


Brittle One – an entirely intuitive online fantasy novel.

Two weeks ago an image appeared in my mind’s eye of a small girl and her mother sitting outside in the snow surrounded by flying beings reminding me of translucent jellyfish.

Instantly I knew that this was the start of a novel. A novel that I’m going to write online without planning ahead, except for ordering the images that pop into my head every week.

In other words, I will let this world unfold in extreme Gardener-mode. In honor of Frigg, the Norse goddess of vision and insight, I will write a new installment every Friday (Frigg’s day).

So far, the story has a prologue and the opening of a first chapter, and next Friday, there will be more.

I am looking forward to see what the world of Brittle One will bring.

Join me in my journey of discovery here![:]

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