Blood brothers and Arch Enemies


Odin and Loki – two of the most fascinating gods from Norse mythology – have inspired a storytelling performance myself and Marianne Sundal will tour with in schools in Nordre Follo the last weeks of May.

In the show Blood brothers and Arch Enemies we are focusing on the deep relationship between Odin and Loki. In the story we put emphasis on the fact that they belong to different families of beings, the Æsir and the Jotnir, and that these two lineages are joined when the two mix their blood in friendship. Their connection is just one of many examples of the necessary contact between Asgard and Utgard, as the order of the gods is dead and meaningless without the life-giving chaos of the giants.

Together with 6th graders in Nordre Follo we will keep exploring the interplay between Odin and Loke until the 27th of May, two gods joined in laughter and hatred, one a shadow image of the other.

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