20 November 2018
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Kasper Skaarup Sørensen is an old friend and storytelling colleague from Denmark. We first met in Stockholm in 2007 at the start-up of The Nordic Storytelling Group. As part of that cooperation, we initiated and organised the storytelling competition StorySlam on a Nordic level from 2008 – 2011. Kasper runs the storytelling scene/company BestTellers in […]

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The Fifer’s Christmas

14 November 2018
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New performance in the works! Every year there is a great Christmas celebration at Akershus Fortress, with guided tours, activities and shows for all ages. This year the entire family can experience The Fifer’s Christmas at The Museum of Defence the 1st and 2nd of December. An interactive storytelling performance starring me dressed as a […]

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“Hero?” at Monologue Festival

6 November 2018
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So You Want To Be A Hero?       That is both the title and the overarching question of my personal-mythological solo show about computer games, self-knowledge, the relationship between reality and fiction and the simple fact of being in the world. The premiere of the performance (which was 10 years in the making) […]

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Lionheart in 45 minutes

1 October 2018
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The House of Literature in Oslo has given me many exciting assignments during the last three years. One of the first jobs I did for them was to read and tell the entirety of Astrid Lindgren’s iconic novel Brothers Lionheart. I managed to convey the entire story in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Now the […]

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Roots and Roads

18 September 2018
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This weekend I will leave for Bozen in North Italy to participate as an international performer at the festival Storytelling Time: Roots and Roads. In bilingual South Tyrol I will share the performance Song of the Sea Raven simultaneously translated into Italian. This performance was the first I made in English from the ground up […]

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The Call of the Sea

12 September 2018
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Sorry, this entry is only available in Norwegian Bokmål.

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Party and War

7 September 2018
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War Stories has had a long life. The performance about the Persian warrior poet Amir Mirzai and his experiences as a young justice seeking man during the Iran-Iraq War had its pre-premiere at Riksscenen in 2012 and its premiere at The Norwegian Storytelling Festival in 2013. Since then it has toured all over Norway and […]

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ROOTS Iceland

17 June 2018
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I mai drog jeg til Island sammen med Markus Luukkonen og Tom van Outryve i 3Troubadours for å videreutvikle vår nye forestilling Roots. Til glede for nye lesere er Roots vår andre forestilling (den første kan du lese om her) og tematikken er knyttet til våre personlige røtter (familietrær/DNA), Europas røtter (historie/mytologi/DNA-forskning) og faktiske røtter […]

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So You Want To Be A Hero?

9 April 2018
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So the time has finally come. After having conceived of the idea back in 2008 it seems to become realized in 2018. What makes a performance take ten years to make? Quest for Glory The 14th of April at 8pm I will premiere my show So You Want To Be A Hero? during the Norwegian […]

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Voice of the Fire

9 April 2018
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