Berus Eder! (Oslo, NO)


10/22/2019 @ 12:00 – 13:30
Oslo Domkirke
Lukket arrangement / Closed Event

A light-hearted city walk through Oslo’s intoxicating past, filled to the brim with anecdotes and drinking songs.

Did you know that the average citizen of medieval Oslo drank 6 – 8 liters of beer every day? That during the 17th century, politicans were viewed with suspicion if they never dared show themselves shit-faced in public? Or that coffee originally was seen as a big conspiracy against Christendom. This and more will be served to you (chilled, spiced or stirred, at your convenience) during the city walk Berus Eder!.

Guide and toastmaster Torgrim Mellum Stene is a professional storyteller and works as a workshop leader and performance artist in Norway and abroad. His profession has placed him in the weirdest situations – from reciting Nordal Grieg on stage in Tajikistan to making a short and sweet menuet inspired by salt cod in the Norwegian salt cod capital of Kristiansund. He has extensive experience in working with historical material, both as a creator of storytelling performances and as a guide at the Museum of Cultural History.

In the city walk “Berus Eder!” he guides his audience through a milennium of intoxication, from pre-Christian rituals to alcohol prescriptions.

Interview in the Norwegian radio channel P1 03.09.12:

Berus Eder!

The city walk is a collaboration between Torgrim (aka The Jack of Clubs) and Oslo City and Nature Walks.

In the press:
Radio Nova-interview 14.02.12
Aftenposten Aften 16.11.11

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