King of Clubs: Amir Masood Mirzai


Amir Masood Mirzai

Greek anonymous source: “He is a goddamn Prince.” [audio:]

Amir Masood Mirzai (meaning in Farsi: The well-educated blessed general) is a veteran warrior steeped in Persian storytelling tradition and his own incredible life story. Few men have faced off with Death as many times as Amir and still lived to tell the tale.

This eagle-eyed big-hearted Persian earned the nick name “God of Luck” during his war years in Iran and Afghanistan and is an honorary member of the storytelling group Fortellerhuset in Norway. My cooperation with Amir began on the very first Rûmi festival in 2007. Since then I have understood that Amir is nothing else than a purebred trickster, a gorgeous mix between Jack Sparrow, Casanova, Vin Diesel and last, but not least; Prince of Persia.

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