Mini Festival by the seaside

2 September 2020
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Spirits Move Me

14 July 2020
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I was supposed to be in England now. Gallivanting around the landscape on my way to a festival – Festival at the Edge. But for reasons glaringy apparent to everyone in the world, that is not possible at present. However, it IS possible to see me tell as part of a virtual line-up Saturday the […]

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The Digital Hobbit

20 April 2020
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The Digital Hobbit. What do I mean by that? Am I referring to a certain computer game jewel – The Hobbit Software Adventure from 1982, one of the greatest text adventure classics? Or a fingering hobbit? No, ladies and gents and others across the board. I am hinting to the fact that my reading and […]

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1 April 2020
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In these wonderfully weird times my tour plan is a bit…slimmed, so to speak. On the other hand I have restarted my work with my blog Mythopoesis, a blog that has seen no new posts for almost three years. Mythopoesis sees current events and the state of the world though lenses of mythology, etymology and […]

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Bifrǫst Festival

1 April 2020
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In the beginning of February I and my dear colleague Mikael Öberg hosted and organised the first Bifrǫst Festival, a rain bow shimmering festival for nordic mythology. The shimmering bridge Bifrǫst is the bridge connecting the worlds of gods and men in the Norse mythos. Directly translated it means the shimmering bridge. The term makes […]

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Harry, Hobbit and Julian

23 January 2020
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I wil be taking on three books (plus one) at the House of Literature in Oslo this year!

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Christmas Tales from different Worlds

20 November 2019
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Christmas is coming! And I have a Christmas program! This December I will tell Christmas stories for all ages. Two different shows for two different age groups. The first one is:     The Fifer’s Christmas This performance was commissioned by the Defense Museum in Oslo last year. The first weekend of December I will […]

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13 October 2019
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Who was Hilðr? That was one of the open questions the poetIvar Orvedal asked himself during the development of the project in her name. Ivar is a multi-talented artist from Måren. In the tiny hamlet (as in: four people) by the Sognefjord he lives on his family farm and organises art events. Also known from […]

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Hero this Fall

8 October 2019
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So You Want To Be A Hero?, the performance based on my life and the computer game series Quest for Glory has recently been played at Vega Scene in Oslo. But that’s not the last chance – this fall and in the early budding sprouts of 2020 you can see the show four other places […]

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Vampires and Outlaws

3 September 2019
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True to tradition I return to The House of Literature in Oslo this fall to read and tell from two children’s classics. One more classic than the other. Classic no. 1 – The Little Vampire The books about the boy Anton who meets the child vampire Rydiger Schlotterstein and the even younger and smitten vampire […]

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