From the magical to the personal, from the humorous to the heart-wrenching - Torgrim has created several storytelling performances for adults (and a few for children and teenagers), both solo and in cooperation with other artists. Read more about this here (adults) and here (younger audiences) - (click on the different images to learn more about each individual performance).

Additionally he has a wide repertoire of shorter tales and legends from all corners of the world (one example in Norwegian here), as well as a range of funny and moving stories from his own life, that can be put together into lesser programs.


Looking for a tailormade performance? One of Torgrim's greatest strengths is to create stories from scratch. Just supply a theme and a context.

Past commissions:

El Bacalao (2012)
Robot: Prommus (2011)
Crown of the World (2011)
The Game of Kings (2009)


The art of storytelling
Basic methods for aspiring storytellers.

Spontaneous Stories
A workshop where imagination reigns free. Join the journey into the unknown and unexpected!

Remolding the Past

When telling fairy tales, myths and legends, there's always a set structure to follow. But what if you want to create a performance based on a historical event or character? What is the dividing line between a storyteller and a historical lecturer and what tools and viewpoints are valuable to make history come alive?