In these wonderfully weird times my tour plan is a bit…slimmed, so to speak.

On the other hand I have restarted my work with my blog Mythopoesis, a blog that has seen no new posts for almost three years. Mythopoesis sees current events and the state of the world though lenses of mythology, etymology and history. Why is mythology still relevant for us and what myths rule our conception of the world today? What new myths are appearing and what myths do we need?

As of this date (1st of April 2020) I have written two new articles.

Corona of Fear. Corona of Love.
A look at different mythical frameworks that are being spun out there to understand the pandemic. All seen through filters of love and fear.

I’m your Shadow, Bitch
A deep dream where I met my shadow aspect and reflections on shadow work and the function of the shadow archetype.

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