En route to the Fairy Tale Village


This coming weekend I will perform at Sagobygdens Musik & Berättar-festival. The festival is one of the oldest storytelling festival among the Nordic countries and takes place in the official Fairy Tale Village Ljungby in Sweden.

I was originally supposed to perform there in 2020, and I don’t think I need to tell you why didn’t pan out. But now, in the Year of our Lord 2022, I am finally headed for the myth-enshrouded festival in Ljungby. And I am travelling in the best of company. With my dear friends and colleagues in 3Troubadours.

Together with Tom van Outryve (Belgium) and Markus Luukkonen (Finland) I will perform our newst show ROOTS, a deep dive down into our respective family chronicles, mythologies and DNA.

3Troubadours have dug far back into their individual family histories, the legends of their cultures and their own DNA to find tales and memories of who they are. With their signature humour, energetic performance and deep sense of wonder, the three performers will take you to places and times you’ve never been before.

Here is the smallest of teasers:

We will also clash horns on stage as part of the incredibly informal event BerättarBattle!

A clash of stories! What happens when three storytelling brothers face off in a colourful and surprising contest of wits? Who has the most dramatic life story? The funniest joke? The most heartwarming tale? Join us for this interactive and experimental happening where the audience is part of the fun. Welcome to BerättarBattle!

Read more about the festival here.

And about the group 3Troubadours here.

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