Chasing the Phoenix

Behold, here comes one who will increase our love!

Mercury. A flaming desert. The walls of Jerusalem. A sensory and unpredictable journey through the vistas of time and space. A red feather tinged with gold constantly out of reach. Is it possible to catch it, and what bird does it belong to?

Chasing the Phoenix is an unexpected mix of the historical and the mythical, of modern analogies and traditional symbols. The performance premiered as a part of the epic 24 hour Dante experiment “Immigrant reading of a Comedy” in Trondheim, Norway, in 2009 and touches deeply on eternally relevant themes like isolation, xenophobia, hate and the unconditional love that is hidden beneath.

Spellbound audience – Dagbladet Roskilde

Script: Torgrim Mellum Stene based on Dante’s Divine Comedy (Paradise, Mercury) & legends from the Middle East and Ethiopia.

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Spellbound audience (Danish)