El Bacalao

Illargui amandrea, zeruan ze iberra?

Dear moon, beautiful mother, what news do you bring us tonight?

In the Year of Our Lord 1846, a Basque sailor with a particular beard giving him the nick name El Bacalao (The Cod) leaves his home town of Bilbao, sailing for the Norwegian salt cod capital of Kristiansund. In his head: his mother’s fairy tales and cuisine. In his heart: An unnamed desire. Up north he is distracted by a working girl with hair like the sun, making him understand two valuable lessons – what it means to truly mirror someone, and that it’s possible to be both lucky and unlucky at the same time.

El Bacalao was commissioned by Nordmøre Museum connected to the Salt Cod Festival of 2012. The performance is a short and sensual menuet about good food, lost longings and all that which goes on under the light of the moon.

Pure magic, no less – Nordmøre Museum

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