The Jack of Clubs

A family-mythological comedy and mystery play [audio:|autostart=yes]

At his death bed, the grandfather told his grandson: “Finish my story”.
Five years later, on the 7th of April 2010, storyteller Torgrim Mellum Stene transformed this death wish into an applauded performance.

The Jack of Clubs is a many-layered tale, combining family history and personal experience with dream worlds and mythical imagery. Torgrim takes our hand, guiding us on a fantastical journey through known and unknown landscapes, from the hidden hollows of the family tree to the do’s and don’ts of a professional lynx watcher.

On this journey we cross the borders between reality and fantasy, between atheism and spirituality until one question stands out: Where do you draw the line between magic and biology?

The Jack of Clubs is a tale about doubt and belief, fear and hope and the passing of time. But most of all, it is a merry, magical and mystical story about a grandfather and his grandson, and the single playing card that unites them.

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In the footprints of his grandfather (Norwegian)