Everyone is star dust

Near future. Prommus, a robot running on solar power, works in the UN building, where it has two important daily assignments – watering the flowers and complimenting the employees (Good MOrning, Mr. SMITH. Your HAir looks so nice toDAY). This routine existence is only broken by the playful antics of Stella, Mr. Smith’s daughter, who sometimes comes to the office with her father. One day she makes Prommus follow her into a new and secret department. In there the robot programmed to notice everything that’s nice about people is confronted with an impossible and unthinkable question:

“Why does WAR exist?”

In trying to find an answer, both Prommus and Stella are catapulted into an adventure, going all the way to the stars.

Robot: Prommus is a commissioned work from the University of Oslo for the Digitalisation Festival of 2011.
Script: Torgrim Mellum Stene

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