Song of the Sea Raven

Far, far to the North, where the midnight sun reigns, in treacherous waters, the sea ravens sing. Some say they are spirits, some say they are men, some say they can lead you to the land of elfkin.

A tale of hard seas, strong love and a paradise lost beneath the waves.

Song of the Sea Raven is Kløverknekten’s first performance developed solely in the English language. This tale is based on the legends of Utrøst, the Atlantis of Northern Norway, transforming them into an engaging performance with incredible scenarios, sites and characters, spanning in time from the last Ice Age to the late 19th Century.

A young, poor fisherman returns to his temporary home on the Lofoten Islands, a small shack for seasonal workers like him. Despondent, he shows his only catch to his colleagues, a single, small, lifeless cormorant entangled in a net. But to their surprise, they find something lodged in the cormorant’s throat – a golden seed. Thus begins a night of stories about Utrøst, the hidden isle far to the west. And while tongues are spinning, Old Man Johannes sits with his back turned to the rest of them, looking through the window towards the sea. He doesn’t say a word.

Old Man Johannes only speaks when there’s a storm.

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From the premiere during Kea Storytelling Festival, Greece