Philemon and Baucis
A Greek myth about hate and love.
Photo/Direction/Editing: Lars-Petter Iversen. The film premiered at Grønnskjerm in 2011.

Julefantasi – The last Salarin
An entirely new Christmas adventure based on children’s suggestions and proposals.
Film: Lars-Petter Iversen.

A storytelling performance about the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift.
Promo video. Photo/Direction/Editing: Lars-Petter Iversen.

Little Miss Cockroach
A bilingual fairy tale from Iran. With Mehda Zolfaqari and Salah Memarzadeh.
Film: NAFO.

Where is Bolla Hedgehog?
An interactive concert performance based on the texts of Alf Prøysen. Promo video.
Music: Morten Minothi Kristiansen.

Ansa and Bansa
A bilingual fairy tale from Pakistan. With Shazia Irfan.
Animation: Mats Grorud. Music: Fortellerhuset.

Tales from the Dragon’s Den
Presentation of the eponymous performance.
Photo/Editing: Lars-Petter Iversen. Recorded at Rødtvet Skole in Oslo, Norway.

Andre Historier: Promo video

Photo/Direction/Editing: Lars-Petter Iversen.